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1 attribute or credit to; "We attributed this quotation to Shakespeare"; "People impute great cleverness to cats" [syn: ascribe, assign, attribute]
2 attribute (responsibility or fault) to a cause or source; "The teacher imputed the student's failure to his nervousness"

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imputer, imputare “to bring into the reckoning”, “charge”, “impute”.


  • /ɪmˈpjuːt/
  • Rhymes with: -uːt


  1. To reckon as pertaining or attributable; to charge; to ascribe; to attribute; to set to the account of; to charge to one as the author, responsible originator, or possessor; -- generally in a bad sense.
    • Nor you, ye proud, impute to these the fault, If memory o'er their tomb no trophies raise. --Gray.
    • One vice of a darker shade was imputed to him - envy. --Macaulay.
  2. To adjudge as one's own (the sin or righteousness) of another; as, the righteousness of Christ is imputed to us.
    • It was imputed to him for righteousness. --Rom. iv. 22.
  3. To take account of; to consider; to regard.
    • If we impute this last humiliation as the cause of his death. --Gibbon.
  4. To attribute or credit to.
    We imputed this quotation to Shakespeare.
    People impute great cleverness to cats.
  5. To attribute (responsibility or fault) to a cause or source.
    The teacher imputed the student's failure to his nervousness.



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accredit, accuse, adduce, allege, apply, arraign, article, ascribe, assign, attach, attribute, book, bring accusation, bring charges, bring to book, charge, cite, complain, credit, denounce, denunciate, fasten on, fasten upon, finger, give, hang something on, hint, hint at, impeach, imply, indict, inform against, inform on, insinuate, intimate, lay, lay charges, lodge a complaint, lodge a plaint, pin on, place, prefer charges, press charges, put, put on report, refer, report, reproach, set down to, suggest, take to task, task, taunt with, tax, twit
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